As you all know, a famous addictive video game by Nintendo - Mario Brothers has lots of imitators. This imitation of Mario game is a really successful try so enjoy the well known layout on the popular platform. The famous Italian plumber in the exciting online flash game CAT MARIO is changed with a cute white cat with a welcoming smile. For most of people, cat Mario is the best version from modified games related to Mario. The graphics are nice and don't cause pain in the eyes. A white cat is really happy to see us. Move forward slightly to learn the platform - try to collect bonuses and kill the enemies by jumping on the top of them. Landing on the enemies is the only way to destroy them. Try to go as far as possible to do your mission, but wait - there are lots of enemies that will try to stop you on your way. Do your best to avoid them by performing jumps .This is not the well-known mushroom kingdom full of barriers but still, the enemies are very encouraged to destroy you. One of the most dangerous enemies is an icky block falling from the air- directly from the sky so perform a jump to avoid it. Remember that some atomic bombs might also fall on you so keep an eye on the screen. You are able to move forward as well as backwards, use spacebar to jump or an up arrow. Jumping over scary enemies will make you earn points for that. Try to stay alive till the game is finished. Otherwise, you have some extra lives that you can use. You can start the game with three cat lives, if you lose all of them, don't be depressed as your lives may go in minuses but you will be still able to continue the game. If you reach the finish flag and you are still alive than congratulations! You are the winner who is able to go to the next level to show off gaming abilities. The game CAT MARIO like other Mario games is definitely very challenging, offers an easy way to manage the main character and requires just your gaming spirits. Be careful while you are moving on and don't fall between some gaps. Take the role of the Super Mario brothers' pet and use the directional keys to navigate. So go ahead!

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